Build A High-Performance Company With Revenue Results Business Acceleration Services

In today’s challenging economic climate, companies must not only “continuously improve” – but they must also “continuously reinvent” themselves. The minute a company stops growing, the competition starts catching up!

Revenue Results has been helping companies meet the challenges of increasing business performance for 28 years. Our
methodologies have been developed by designing and implementing over 6,000 innovative corporate, sales, marketing, channels and CRM solutions for leading companies including IBM, Hewlett-Packard, SUN, Computer Associates, Oracle and SAP America to improve their performance. We have also empowered emerging fast-growth firms to build high performance companies by adopting our philosophy that “policies, procedures and methodologies = productivity, performance and PROFITS”.

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Leads that mean business!

Your mission is to increase sales. Our specialty is opening the door that provide you with more leads…qualified leads your sales force can close. When you need to extend your sales reach and get the leads that mean business, turn to Revenue Results.

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Use Our Business Acceleration Advisors to increase

Sales Wins
Qualified Leads
Marketing ROI
Satisfied Customers
Productive Employees
Successful Partners
Growth, Productivity & Profitability

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Using our Strategic & Tactical Marketing Communications Services makes sense!

Revenue Results will design, develop and implement a targeted strategic and tactical communications plan to build the brand, enhance image and awareness, and generate high-quality leads.

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Listen to what our clients say

"Revenue Results was an invaluable resource for Bluestone Software. They assisted in all aspects of our operation. The Revenue Results leads were the best leads our marketing department ever produced. I received many compliments on them. Revenue Results always did their job professionally, on time, with high quality and professionalism. They were one program I didn’t have to worry about,” Click here for a Bluestone Software success story."

− John Capobianco, Bluestone Software's Chief Marketing Officer - formerly SAP's Chief Marketing Officer and VP of Business Applications for Computer Associates

"For many years, I managed national marketing programs for HP with some of our largest partners like Oracle, Sybase and Computer Associates. I always used Revenue Results because I knew they would produce for me every time. They brought an in-depth knowledge to programs that I couldn’t find from other marketing vendors on how to position and market our technical solutions. They consistently focused on the return-on-investment from programs and not just the response rates. Most of our successful marketing managers at HP and our channel partners used Revenue Results. We even outsourced our national lead management department to them to track the leads for over 400 sales representatives and 50 sales managers. Years later when HP brought lead management back in-house, our system tracked over 300 orders directly from Revenue Results programs and ranked their leads with the highest quality rating for a marketing vendor. Only 25% of our sales representatives were giving us feedback on our leads at that time."

− Colleen Basenese, former National Marketing Manager Hewlett-Packard Company

"Protecting our mainframe installed base at IBM has always been difficult as new technologies constantly erode our customers. Even finding an up to date list of our installed customers with decision maker names is next to impossible. We hired Revenue Results to design and implement a CRM program to build a wall around our installed base, identify customers with issues and find new opportunities. Revenue Results brought tremendous value-added expertise to the program and met ever challenge with a positive attitude and professionalism. We gave them a paper customer list and they turned it into an electronic goldmine filled with invaluable business intelligence. They even made key appointments at customers we hadn’t visited in years."

− Nick Cotter, formerly IBM Corporation’s #1 National Sales Manager

"Being a national marketing manager, I have the opportunity to work with the best sales & marketing suppliers available. But when I needed to launch a critical nationwide demand creation campaign targeting our biggest competitors, I turned to Revenue Results because of their 20-year track record with our company as a Best-In-Class sales & marketing supplier. Before the campaign began, Revenue Results demonstrated their expertise and value-added philosophy with me and my team. They helped us refine and prioritize our objectives drawing on their experience of executing over 600 campaigns for us and 6,000 in the computer industry. Their methodology of market segmentation saved thousands of dollars allowing the campaign to penetrate the sweet spot of our marketplace. But it was the marketing professionals from Revenue Results who made the qualifying calls to our marketplace that made the biggest difference in the campaign. They used former computer industry salespeople to qualify our prospects. The ROI from the campaign was off the charts. It produced millions of dollars in revenue for our company over 2.5 years and was considered one of our most successful campaigns ever."

− Tom Cunningham, National Marketing Manager for one of the world’s largest IT companies

"I have hired Revenue Results at three different companies. On each occasion, bringing in Revenue Results was one of the first decisions I made as a VP of Marketing because I knew I could count on their commitment to quality, proven methodology and consistent results. I never regretted it because they always produced the first time and every time I used them."

− David Weiss, former VP Marketing for Digital Equipment Corp, Longview Solutions and Information Builders (IBI)

"Working in IT for the international finance industry, my business I very technical. Revenue Results’s highly trained former computer industry sales professionals were always able comprehend and communicate our technical solutions and speak to “C Level” decision-makers in our marketplace. Revenue Results’s leads and market research always exceeded my expectations. Michael Routh delivered for me every time."

− Paul Mahady, President Marketing Advisory Services - formerly VP Marketing for NYNEX BIS Banking Systems

"Revenue Results has helped us tremendously in producing our new marketing literature and our new web site as well as helping us formulate and execute a focused sales strategy. In addition to this, Revenue Results has helped us put together an impressive booth and collateral for the recent tradeshow in Atlanta, Georgia. This show resulted in a number of excellent leads to potential customers and partners. Revenue Results has been a significant catalyst in the reengineering of our sales and marketing operation. Michael Routh is an enthusiastic, polished professional and a total gentleman.” Click here for a Passport Corporation success story."

− Alan Tonnesen, CEO of Passport Corporation

Our Visual Branding Services Will Significantly Improve the ROI of Your Social Media Strategy

Our sister company Dream Chaser Media has redefined the standards of effective business-to-business visual branding by seamlessly integrating broadcast quality 4K HD video production, Hollywood film making techniques, magazine quality photography with 30+ years of marketing savvy to deliver the highest quality video/film production and photography services.

Video Production

Branded Documentaries

Corporate Photography

Multimedia Presentations